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We're giving away 50 copies of the ground breaking new book 'Real Estate Uncovered' by Peter O'Malley..

Essential reading for anyone who's thinking of going within a hundred metres of a Real Estate Agency.

Praise for the book

  • “Blowing wide the dirty tricks of the real estate industry won’t make Peter O’Malley any friends amongst real estate agents, but he’ll be a champion to buyers and sellers. If you’re a buyer, seller or are renovating for profit, don’t do a thing until you’ve read this book.” Margaret Lomas Television Host and Author of 7 Real Estate Books
  • “Don’t auction your home until you read this book.” Scott Pape The Barefoot Investor and Finance Columnist
  • “Peter is one of the few agents I trust when it comes to understanding what is happening with the housing market. His objectivity and professionalism have extended into great insights in this terrific book.” Louis Christopher CEO SQM Research

There Really Are No Strings Attached (Seriously!)

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Australia’s real estate world is a multi-billion dollar industry. Every week, tens of millions of dollars’ worth of property changes hands. The people who control this industry are the nation’s real estate agents.

In this ground breaking new book, real estate agent Peter O’Malley breaks ranks with industry spin and uncovers exactly what goes on beneath the slick promises, the fancy advertising and the craftily worded press-releases that are made to entice sellers and buyers into the arms of real estate agents.

In a candid and forthright manner, Peter lays bare the tricks and traps that await consumers in the real estate world. But he doesn’t just reveal the dodgy methods, he also reveals how consumers can protect themselves and how they can turn-the-tables on the agents.

This book is essential reading for anyone who’s thinking of going within a hundred metres of a real estate agency.

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Real Estate Uncovered