Applications cannot be accepted until the following documentation has been received by our office:

  1. Three (3) forms of identification to be photocopied front and back. For example
    1. A current driver's license
    2. A current passport (n.Date of entry into Australia must be copied as well as Visa Details)
    3. Medicare Card
  2. Proof of income. For example:
    1. A copy of your most recent pay advice
    2. If income coming from overseas, evidence to that effect
    3. If a parent/guardian will be responsible for rent payments, we must receive a letter from them stating this, including their full contact details.
  3. One (1) written personal refrence. Referee must include home address and telephone number. Must be colleague/associate/friend whom you have known for more than two (2) years. The person cannot be a relative.
  4. Attention Students: With all student applications, a photocopy of your course acceptance letter is required.
  5. Previous written rental reference and tenant ledger, if available.
  6. If previous tenancy was by private arrangement, full names and telphone numbers of owners must be provided, including the address of the property.
  7. If you are self-employed, please provide an Accountant's reference and your most recent Bank statement.
  8. If you own your own home, please provide a photocopy of your most recent council and water rates notices.