A simple solution to a great frustration.

By Neil Jenman

For thousands of wanna-be home-buyers another frustrating weekend is over. Or, as many buyers call it, another "lost weekend". They've seen homes sell for thousands more than the price quoted by the agents. They've traipsed from one home to another asking questions and getting a mix of cliches and lies in response. "We don't know what the owners want. The market sets the price. This is a good location. There's lots of interest. Make sure you come to the auction." And on it goes.

Buyers being treated with everything from apathy to contempt by agents who just don't care that this is the biggest financial decision of a lifetime for most buyers. And, also one of the most emotional decisions which is made all more depressingly frustrating by the attitudes of typical agents. How many weekends does it take before the average couple finds the right home? How many hours do they spend trawling the Internet? How many emails do they send to agents, most of which are ignored? How many homes do they inspect? How many lies do they hear? How many arguments do they have with each other? How many tears do they shed? Oh, the sheer frustration of it all.

Well, it doesn't have to be this way. What you are about to read is a simple way to find a home that suits you. You will probably be astounded at how well it works. One thing's for sure - when you get the results, you'll wish you'd done in months ago. Just like Tim and Celia. For five months - from March to July this year - they searched for a home.

As each weekend approached that familiar feeling of dread would creep over them. Like thousands of other buyers, they were seriously frustrated. Until Tim's father gave them an idea. "Look," he said, "You know where you want to live, you know what sort of home you want, so just pick out the homes you feel might suit you and write a note to the owners."

At first Tim and Celia were puzzled. Could they do that? Why not? How would they do it and what would they say? "How about this," said Tim's dad, "You type up a note headed, CAN YOU HELP US? and you say that you are homebuyers looking in the area and you are selecting homes that may suit you and, if the owners are interested in selling, they should call you." Realising they had nothing to lose, Tim and Celia gave it a try. They wrote a short note of 150 words and printed 150 copies. And then, on the next Saturday morning - with their new baby in the pram - they walked the streets of their chosen area dropping notes in the letterboxes of homes they liked.

It took them four hours to find enough homes to match the number of notes they'd printed. And that's it. They found their perfect home. "I truly believe this was a great win-win situation, made all the better because we went out there and did it without all the lies and stress and disappointment that comes with auctions and the people who run them. Just two groups of sensible nice people doing a mutually beneficial deal with consideration of the other party in the process," said Tim. "This was a last resort. But, in hindsight, it should have been the first thing we did," Tim laughed.

Tim has been getting a lot of emails from friends saying such things as, "Hey mate, can we get a copy of that letter you used to find your house?" So, now Tim's not the only one using this simple but oh-so-effective idea to save hours of frustration in looking for a home. Give it a try, you budding home-buyers. What have you got to lose? No more lost weekends, that's what. This article was taken from the Articles page of the Jenman website.